The University of Bern strives to provide a child and family-friendly infrastructure. Here you will find, among other things, information on parent/child rooms, as well as the locations of changing tables, medical and nursing rooms.

The following roadmap shows an overview of all family-friendly places at the University of Bern, including breastfeeding rooms and changing tables.

Entrances, as well as locations of accessible toilets, breastfeeding/medical rooms, and changing tables are marked on the respective building plans.


  • vonRoll building: room A015
  • Unitobler: room D411, Muesmattstr.45 (fridge included), for a key contact the dean`s office of the faculty of humanities, for questions
  • GIUB (Hallerstr.12): room 306, contact:
  • Insel area: IFIK, MEM
  • Small Animal Clinic: room 065, Länggassstrasse 128  (for employees of the Vetsuisse Faculty)
  • Murtenstrasse 24-28 (DBMR): Room 040 (Murtenstrasse 24). The room cannot be locked as it is also used as a first-aid room. Furnishing plan.
  • Engehaldestrasse 4, room -108 (breastfeeding and medical room)

If there is no breastfeeding room in your building, you can contact the Equal Opportunities Department (

Changing Tables

  • In all toilets for the mobility impaired
  • UniS: In the entrance hall cube (WC-D)
  • Unitobler: room D411 or WC on the first basement floor
  • H6: medical room on the first basement floor
  • ExWi: medical room on the ground floor
  • Gertrud-Woker-Strasse 3: in the toilets
  • Baltzerstrasse 6 (IEE): Women's toilet D171, 1st floor

Parent/Child Rooms

Parent/child rooms serve as work or play room in case when you are not sure who is going to look after your child, as a meeting place when bringing the child with you, for breastfeeding or as a relaxation room for students and employees of the Bern University of Teacher Education and the University of Bern as well as for visitors.

  • vonRoll: room B002
  • Main building: room 012
  • Uni Mittelstrasse: room -111
  • IBMM, Bühlstrasse 28: room 233 use
  • Vetsuisse 124c: 1. Floor: Information
  • Baltzerstrasse 1, room 202: Information
  • Engehaldestrasse 4, room -107
  • Gertrud-Woker-Strasse 3, room 012

Play Boxes

In cooperation with SUB KiStE - children, study, parenthood the student body of the University of Bern, play boxes have been installed. They are filled with toys for children of all ages and invite to play.

  • Mobile play box in SUB-house onLerchenweg 32 (inner courtyard Uni Tobler): available during opening hours.
  • Mobile play box in parent/child room on Mittelstrasse (room-111).
  • Permanently installed play box in the lobby at the UniS.

Highchairs (for children) in the Cafeterias

In the following student cafeterias, highchairs for children are available: Mensa Gesellschaftsstrasse, Mensa & Cafeteria vonRoll, UNIESS Bistro Bar Lounge and Mensa Unitobler.

Report on use: Breastfeeding room and parent/child room