Home office

The University of Bern promotes flexible working hours and location-independent working. Home office offers employees the opportunity to better combine family, leisure and work by working at the place of work and at home.

Home office at the University of Bern according to cantonal guidelines
Home office at the University of Bern

  • The guidelines apply to employees who work at home voluntarily and regularly (at least 1/2 day per week).
  • Irregular (sporadic) work from home does not fall within the scope of these guidelines.
  • Employees may submit a request for home office to their supervisors.  
  • Home office may only be approved if and to the extent that the activity and the home office location are suitable.

Lecturers (Art. 49 UniV) are exempted from the provisions. In principle, they shall perform their work on the premises of the University of Bern. If they perform the work to be done at a workplace of their own choice, they must be reachable at the university within a short time.

Organisational measures

The documents "Sample Agreement" and "Checklist" will help you with the organisational implementation of home office. Individual adaptations and additions are possible.

Sample agreement: Written agreement between the employee and the superior on the individual arrangement of the home office relationship.

Checklist: Supports superiors in checking the requirements for home office. The checklist is not part of the guidelines and can be used voluntarily.